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Brand: MJ Biopharm
Package: 100iu (1 vial)
Substance: Insulin
Availability: In Stock
Price: A$46.53

Insulin 100IU is a peptide hormone produced naturally in the body by the pancreas. It is known to be the most potent anabolic for sale in our shop and worldwide. Synthetic Insulin is typically prescribed by doctors as a form of hormone replacement therapy when the patient has a deficiency of Insulin production in the body (Type 1 Diabetes).

Insulin In Bodybuilding

The hormone is responsible for taking sugar (glucose) from the body to transport it to certain cells to be used as energy. Therefore, increasing the amount of Insulin in the body will increase the amount of energy the user has for workouts.

Taking Insulin for bodybuilding is extremely beneficial since bodybuilders who eat a lot of carbohydrates to gain mass will be providing Insulin with more fuel to give to the muscle cells. This means that muscle building cells in the body will have more “energy” too, which results in the rapid growth of muscle mass.

On the other hand, Insulin can also be used dietary reasons, but this method of use is very complicated and can be fatal if done incorrectly.

Insulin Bodybuilding Dosages

Insulin is a powerful drug, so sticking to the recommended dosages and timing is vital to using the hormone safely.

For beginners to Insulin use, this faster-acting Insulin is advised as it is easier to control the timing of doses. Injections should be taken at least 5 hours apart. The reason that the timing of Insulin doses is so important is because if doses are taken too close together, the previous dose of Insulin may not have fully left the body, meaning the amount of Insulin in the body will stack up and you may have more Insulin in your body than expected.

The recommended Insulin dose for beginners is 3-5IU daily after workouts. After you have assessed how your body tolerates the hormone, you can increase the dose by 1IU each day up to a maximum of 10IU. However, if at any point you notice any symptoms of hypoglycaemia, decrease the dose immediately.

Insulin 100IU Injections

The half-life of Insulin is between 3 and 5 hours, which is the period when the drug is fully active in the body, so eating the necessary amount of protein, carbohydrates and aminos is crucial during this time period. If you do not eat enough, your blood sugar will drop, risking entering a state of Hypoglycaemia. It’s advised not to eat fatty foods during this time since Insulin will simply store this as fat in the body.

Injections of Insulin are performed subcutaneously into the area in-between the muscle and skin (about 2 inches down).

After each injection of Insulin, it is important to consume (eat or drink) roughly 100 grams of carbohydrates and 50 grams of protein immediately. Then the same should be consumed about 2 hours later.

Insulin side effects

As mentioned, hypoglycaemia is the main side effect that you need to worry about during Insulin use. While taking Insulin, you should always have a simple sugar substance ready to consume in case symptoms appear. This includes biscuits, orange juice, or pure sugar itself.

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