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Insulin in bodybuilding: How to take, dosages, side effects and reviews

Posted by on October 08, 2021 . .

Insulin is a transport hormone that is produced in the cells of the endocrine zone of the pancreas. The main task of this peptide hormone is to lower the blood glucose levels. Insulin is used in bodybuilding, and this is no coincidence. This peptide has a powerful anabolic effect. But what is the correct way to take it in sports? Are there any side effects and contraindications? In this article you will find answers to these questions.

Why Insulin is used in bodybuilding

In addition to the powerful anabolic effects of insulin in bodybuilding, it is also considered an anti-catabolic drug. After all, it activates the enzyme of glycolysis and stimulates the formation of glycogen, simultaneously enhancing the synthesis of fats and proteins. It is very important to note that insulin can inhibit the activity of enzymes that break down glycogen and fats.

All these properties of the peptide explain why insulin is precisely an anti-catabolic drug. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that this transport hormone is very serious and strong, therefore it is strictly forbidden for novice athletes and bodybuilders to use it. The reason is that insulin can cause considerable harm to the human body if a person uses the product incorrectly, and this doesn’t just include using the wrong dosage, there are many rules to using this drug safely. Please note that there have been reported cases of death when insulin was taken incorrectly in bodybuilding.

The cases of injury or even death following the use of insulin are due to abusing the drug, this happens when people take too much of this substance and/or do not have the relevant amount of carbs or “fuel” for the body to use. For many who are first time users, often HGH is used alongside Insulin as this substance heightens the blood glucose levels which means a user will have less chance of running into negative effects or the dreaded “hypo attack”.

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Meal plan during an Insulin cycle for bodybuilders

First of all, you need to enrich your diet with foods that contain more proteins, as well as fewer carbohydrates. In addition, experts recommend excluding foods containing fast carbohydrates from your daily menu altogether. To use this substance safely, you MUST ensure that the body has enough carbohydrates to be used, as if not, problems can occur.

Know your body

If your body is prone to a rapid onset of fatty tissues, then Insulin in this case will only harm you. The fact is that this peptide works best on mesomorphs and ectomorphs. As for the larger body type, Insulin will bring on fat gain as well as muscle gain. Although you can adjust your diet so that the body does not store fat, but this method is very dangerous and is not advised for the majority of users.

Does Insulin help to build muscle mass?

What else will the effects of insulin be? This peptide has the ability to transport nutrients, as well as work on different accents. The hormone can work more towards building muscle, and maybe towards building up adipose tissue. In any case, gaining muscle mass using insulin without gaining fat is almost impossible.

Many users of Insulin are generally on a cycle of performance enhancement drugs (PEDs) while running an Insulin course. The most widely used substances for lean mass gain and bulking when using Insulin are AstraleanTestogel, a Proviron steroid, SustanonTrenboloneAnavar or Winstrol. Read our Anavar vs Winstrol as well as our Winstrol only cycle results blogs to help decide between the two best oral cutting steroids. You can find any of these substances for sale within our online pharmaceutical shop with further information on their uses and many great benefits.

If you have a naturally thin physique, thin bones, then this hormone will bring much more benefit if you follow all the rules for its use. Note that ectomorphs have reduced resistance to this peptide. If you are an endomorph and tend to gain fat quickly, then you will experience increased insulin resistance. Thus, only fat will transport this peptide. It is for this reason that the use of a transport hormone is not recommended for the endomorph body type.



Positive Effects of an Insulin cycle

Before taking Insulin in bodybuilding, you need to familiarize yourself with the effects of its use. This transport hormone has the following effects:

  1. Anabolic effect.
  2. Anti-catabolic effect.
  3. Metabolic effect.

Let's look at these separately below.

Anabolic effect

Insulin is known to significantly help muscle cells absorb large amounts of amino acids. In this case, leucine and valine, which are considered independent amino acids, will be absorbed best. In addition, the hormone renews DNA in the body, the transport of potassium and magnesium phosphate, as well as protein biosynthesis. With the help of Insulin, you can increase the synthesis of fatty acids. In the case of a lack of the peptide in the blood, fat mobilization will be observed. However, it is very important to know how to take Insulin correctly in bodybuilding.

Anti-catabolic effect

If you follow a bodybuilding course of Insulin, it will help to suppress the broken-down protein molecules, which are made up of amino acids. In addition, the transport hormone reduces the entire process of breaking down fats, while reducing their entry into the blood.

Metabolic effect

Insulin also enhances the uptake of glucose by cells, activates certain glycolysis enzymes. The transport hormone can synthesize glycogen, as well as other substances, directly into the muscles. In addition, Insulin significantly reduces gluconeogenesis, which is the formation of glucose in the liver.

Use in bodybuilding

Please note that only a short-acting hormone is used for the Insulin cycle in bodybuilding. Ultrashort is also acceptable, but the medium and longer based Insulin should not be used.

The first one will work as follows, when an athlete injects insulin subcutaneously, it begins to act in half an hour. Injections should be given 30 minutes before meals. Insulin will reach its maximum effect 2 hours after the injection. It will completely stop its transportation in the human body 6 hours after the injection.

Now you know how to inject insulin in bodybuilding. But which drugs are the best to use? Experts distinguish the following: "Humulin Regular" and "Novo-Rapid".

Ultra-short insulin in bodybuilding will work according to the following principle, after injection into the blood, the drug begins to act in 10 minutes, and after 2 hours the maximum efficiency is achieved. It will stop his work 3-4 hours after the injection. When you have injected insulin, you should eat right away. However, in some cases, the injection is given immediately after a meal.

But what is the best ultra-short-acting insulin in bodybuilding? Two drugs are considered as such: "Flexpen" and "Penfill" (or the equivalent from your local pharmacy).

For a 2-month course of using insulin in bodybuilding, you will have to pay very little for the active substance. Being that this drug is very affordable, this makes it very favoured within bodybuilding.

Best advantages from Insulin use in bodybuilding

What will be the positive aspects of taking insulin in bodybuilding?

These positive aspects include:

  1. The course of Insulin use lasts 2 months, which is a very short period of time.
  2. Reviews of insulin in bodybuilding indicate that most drugs containing this substance are at a high-quality level. The likelihood of purchasing fakes is reduced to almost zero, which cannot be said about anabolic steroids.
  3. Insulin is readily available. You can buy it via any online pharmacy, including ours.
  4. The action of insulin is characterized by rather high anabolic properties.
  5. The likelihood of side effects is negligible if the person takes the drug correctly.
  6. At the end of the course, there is no need to carry out post-cycle therapy, because insulin does not leave behind any consequences.
  7. After the end of the insulin course, the rollback is relatively small.
  8. You can use insulin in combination with other peptides, as well as anabolic steroids.
  9. Insulin has no androgenic effect on the human body.
  10. Insulin is not able to harm the kidneys and liver so will not have any toxic effects on them. In addition, this peptide does not provoke potency problems after ingestion.

Most common disadvantages for endomorph bodybuilders

It should also be noted that insulin has some disadvantages.

They will be as follows:

  1. In the body, after ingestion, there is a drop in glucose level, less than 3.3.
  2. During the insulin course, the body significantly increases adipose tissue.
  3. The drugs have a complex dosage regimen.

As you can see, insulin has many more positive qualities than negative ones. This means that this peptide is one of the best pharmacological agents on the market today.

Adverse reactions

Insulin also has some side effects. The first significant ones will be hypoglycaemia, that is, low blood glucose. This condition is characterized as follows, the limbs begin to shake, a person loses consciousness, profuse sweating is observed. Decreased glucose can also be accompanied by loss of orientation and coordination, and severe hunger. In parallel with this, the heartbeat begins to increase. All of these signs are symptoms of hypoglycaemia.

It is also very important for athletes who take Insulin to know the following, as if you see clear signs of hypoglycaemia in yourself, then you need to urgently replenish your own body with something sweet, thus bringing the sugar content back to normal. Gluco-gel or pure orange juice is good to heighten the sugar levels quickly.

Another side effect, but not significant, is irritation and itching, which are localized at the injection site.

In rare cases, athletes experience an allergic reaction, but it is of little significance.

If you take insulin for a long time, the endogenous secretion of your natural insulin will be significantly reduced. In addition, this can happen if there is an overdose of insulin.



Insulin cycle logs for building muscles mass

Now you know what Insulin is. The next challenge will be to properly use this drug. It is very important not to extend the course for more than 2 months. If you follow all the directions, you can gain about 10kg of lean muscle after the first course of insulin. It is very important to start with small dosages, no more than 2iu units. Injections are given subcutaneously. Gradually, the dosage reaches 20iu units per day. Pay attention to how your body is reacting to the drug. It is not strongly recommended to use more than 20iu units per day for advanced users. For new users to insulin, 5-10iu per day is the maximum recommended dosage.

Before using the transport hormone, pay attention to 2 main factors, which are as follows:

  1. Be sure to start with a small dose, gradually increase it up to 10-20 units. It is strictly forbidden to jump sharply from 2 units to 6, or from 10 to 20. The fact is that a sharp transition can provoke very unpleasant consequences for your body.
  2. You should also not go beyond 20 units. Also note that each body reacts to Insulin in a completely different way. For some, 20 units may be far too much!

The frequency of reception can be completely different. You can take insulin every day, once a day, several times a day, every other day. If you do injections daily, or several times a day, then the total duration of the course should be reduced. If the injections are carried out every other day, then the course should be no more than 2 months in duration.

It is strongly recommended to take injections after training, and then eat foods that are rich in long carbohydrates and proteins. You should inject immediately after visiting the gym because the transport hormone has an anti-catabolic effect. Insulin can inhibit exercise-induced catabolism.

Note that using insulin after exercise has several other benefits, when you bring your body to hypoglycaemia, it will naturally lower your blood glucose. After visiting the gym, growth hormone is released rapidly. It is not recommended to inject insulin at other times of the day. If you train three times in 7 days, and you rest for the remaining 4 days, you can do injections in the morning before meals, when you do not workout. In this case, it is recommended to use short-acting insulin. Half an hour after the injection, you can have a full meal. During training, injections are given only after visiting the gym.

Review of real bodybuilders after an Insulin cycle

Many athletes note the effectiveness of insulin when they are trying to build muscle mass. At the same time, there are practically no side effects. However, for this it is necessary to observe the dosage, as well as the duration of the use of Insulin. In some cases, slight dizziness is noted. Typically, this symptom only occurs in people who have just started using insulin. However, over time, the body begins to get used to it.


As a conclusion, you should remember the few simple rules for using insulin. Only following these rules will allow you to use the drug without harming yourself. First of all, study your body, make sure that it is ready for the use of this drug. You should also use this drug responsibly. Follow the advised diet, as well as training, if you want to get the maximum effect over the period of the course.

If you have already decided that you want to use Insulin, then it is best to take it separately so that you can study the reaction of your own body to the drug. Since, in combination with other drugs, it will be very difficult to figure out which drugs have certain side effects. Be cautious throughout, but with its correct use, major muscle mass growth and repair can take place!

Last update: March 28, 2023

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