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Anabolic gel steroids are hormones (mainly testosterone) suspended in a steroidal gel rather than in oil, water or pressed into a tablet. While testosterone in oils and water are injected into the body, and testosterone tablets are swallowed, anabolic steroids gel is absorbed into the body via the user’s skin.

Effects of Testosterone Gel

Testosterone is a hormone necessary for the full physical and sexual development of men. Its deficiency causes several negative effects in the male body. To restore the balance of a man’s hormones, various types of testosterone replacement methods are used, gels are one of them.

Just like steroid injections, steroid tablets and even anabolic steroids gel caps, gel steroids such as testosterone gel have the same positive effects on the users’ body. They promote the development of muscle, stimulate the appearance and retention of secondary sexual characteristics, regulate protein metabolism, evenly distribute subcutaneous tissue, regulate pituitary gonadotropin secretion and excretion.

These processes are combined in the anabolic action of the steroid, the purpose of which is to stimulate protein activity to encourage the production of protein cells. Because of this, muscle tissue grows significantly, and increased bone strength is also observed.

Benefits of Gel Steroids

The main difference between steroids and testosterone gel is that a gel gives an extremely stable release of the hormone into the blood. At the same time, gel steroids do not cause spikes and dips in hormone levels like injections can. The gel ensures hormone levels are consistent so side effects in this case are less likely.

Gel steroids are applied externally to the body, which means that any effect on the liver is avoided. Therefore, steroidal gel is not liver toxic like several oral steroids are.

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